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I am a book-lover, yoga practitioner, traveling addict, and find myself happiest when helping others. 

I have had a long interest in medicine and healing therapies; it is with yoga that I see a way to help heal ourselves.

I started practicing Hatha yoga in 2007, and have fallen in love with the routine of Ashtanga yoga since 2012.  I practice yoga and meditation daily - except moon days!

I have completed a total of 600hrs of teaching training, and continue to learn through self study and workshops with my teachers and seek out interesting opportunities when I travel.

For six months I experienced a variety of ashtanga yoga teachers when I stayed at the Purple Valley Yoga Retreat in Goa India. An experience I cherish and one day I hope to return.

My interest is in helping people who have had a life changing experience. This could include brain injuries, cardiac patients or any type of stress. The importance of the breath & how taking a few moments in your day can change your life.

Paramedic Education is my day job and I can see how the daily practice of yoga and meditation can bring a calmness to the busy, stressful lives we all lead.

I am currently enrolled in a Yoga Therapy Course and continue to focus on yoga, mediation, and breath as a means to heal the body.